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2007 - O² Arena
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Article from the french Rock & Folk Magazine. They had a Story about Led Zeppelin on the internet and my website was reviewed very possitiv.The article is in french but maybe someone will send me an english translation *hint hint hint* :-)


Led Zeppelin Live
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April 2010 - current projects:

Jimmy Page & Black Crowes - Roseland Ballroom 14. Oct. 1999

2-Cam VHS dubbed with Audience-Recording from DAT-Source

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Vaduz - 21. August 1998

very close VHS - dubbed with Audience-Recording

Updated March 2010

I spent some of my free time in dubbing new Audio on some Videos I have:  Rotterdam 1995 / Katowice 1998 with Soundboard / Toulon 1998 with DAT / Oberhausen 1998 with MiniDisc -> You can check it here - Youtube Previews are available - Enjoy 

I have also added some DVDs, nothing special. There is not so much new content as I spent my free time on my DVD-Projects.

For these Projects I'm looking for a low gen Video from Rotterdam 1995, and Audio for a few Shows: Vaduz 1998 and Prague 1998-11-17. Drop me a Email if You can help me. THX in advance,

Updated December 17, 2007

Some good bootlegs / shows have been released since the last update. Paris 10-10-1969 has been released in unbelievably FM broadcast quality (French broadcast from November 7, 2007). New are the soundboards from Southampton 1973-01-22 (Multitrack Mixdown) and Landover 1977-05-28 (Empress Valley). 1zeppelin2 kindly shared a lot of Jimmy Page recordings from the Outrider Tour at Place over there (R-O). Also the first boots (Fan-Releases) Audio & Video from the long awaited O2 Reunion are out, also Mr. 3rd eye has filmed the whole show in HD. Release will be in a few weeks. We will see.... :-)   See whats new.

December 10, 2007 Reunion Gig

Led Zeppelin Lives! / Led Zeppelin: the mothership of all reunions  are some of the Headlines after the Reunion gig. I totally agree! I collected some links to online-reviews and picture galleries (thanks to FBO and R-O) and added some links to german reviews: The O2 Reunion Gig. The official website has been redesigned and is worth a visit If not done yet.

Led Zeppelin make UK Hall of Fame 2006

Led Zeppelin 2006 UK Hall of Fame Induction  on YouTube (<-click for video) inclusive Wolfmother performing Communication Breakdown.
Link to article on BBC-News 

Led Zeppelin receive Polar Music Prize 2006
The POLAR MUSIC PRIZE was presented on Monday 22 May for the fifteenth year in succession. The laureates were the Russian conductor Valery Gergiev and the British rock group Led Zeppelin. Each laureate received prize money to the amount of one million Swedish kronor.
His Majesty the King of Sweden awarded the prizes during a nationally televised (TV4) ceremony, which took place at the Stockholm Concert Hall. Jon Lord, former member of Deep Purple, read the tribute to Led Zeppelin. Full Story off. website

Photos ©Patrik Österberg more photos available @ scanpix.se

Zep voted as the Ideal Supergroup (July/2005)
About 3,500 music Fans were polled for "Planet Rock Radio" and were asked to create their fantasy band and Zeppelin was voted as the ideal supergroup. Full Artikel ->

Lifetime Achievement Grammy 
Feb. 13, 2005
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The Best Led Zeppelin Bootlegs - A Guide for New Collectors - very well arranged by mustardpie - check it out! (external hosted on Royal-Orleans - members only area, you have to join)

List of known shows and recordings - very well compiled by mustardpie - check it out ! (external hosted on Royal-Orleans, public area)
List of known Studio Dates & Locations - arranged by jameskg(external hosted on Royal-Orleans, public area)

I want to thank all the Guys over there for a great Community - you know who you are -  Eye Thank You A Thousand Times 

I have a lot of old magazines and newspapers from the 60s  and 70s, I hope I´ll find the time during the next year  to put a few scans online. There´s some interesting stuff never seen on the net.

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Led Zeppelin
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