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Led Zeppelin Live

An Illustrated Exploration of Underground Tapes by LUIS REY

english - 1st edition

english - 2nd edition

english - 3rd and final edition A MUST HAVE
This Books are definetly MUST HAVES especialy the 3rd edition is my Bibel :-) Every Led Zeppelin Concert is listed with Date, Venue, Songs, a description of the concert, the tapes and boots in existence. Made with a Love by Luis Rey. This is the most important Book for any serious Led Zeppelin Collector. If it is only one book than the 3rd Edition, Buy or die :-) Also the books contain some really good and not so often seen photos. Click on the 3rd Edition to order at Hot Wacks.


The Illustrated Collectors Guide by ROBERT GODWIN

enlish - book

english - CD-ROM - A MUST HAVE
Robert Godwinīs collectors guide to Led Zeppelin is definetly Number 2 ! OK with the many new stuff especialy from Japan itīs impossible to be uptodate but you will find a lot here also all the most important bootlegs can be found. As everybody who reads this has a computer with cd-rom - the cd rom of this guide should be always near your pc :-) You can find all the legit stuff from Led Zeppelin the Solo Stuff of the "Awesome Foursome" Yardbirds, Coverdale/Page etc etc etc. The Boots are listed with Dates, Venues, Songs, Company, Matrix No., Sound Rating, and a pic from the Boot. Heart what do you want more ? :-) On the left the Copact Disc Edition BOOK in the middle the CD-Rom. Click on the CD-Rom to order at Hot Wacks. On the right the latest released Book itīs NOT a CD-Rom as it looks on the cover of the book.


Led Zeppelin: The Concert File

concfile.jpg - 16,53 K

Definetly No. 3 ! Everything about Led Zeppelin Live and Solo Concerts can be found here. Also stories about what happened at that time. Some good photos and a listening of the most important Led Zeppelin Bootlegs. This Book is Excellent and Comprehensive definetly A MUST HAVE :-)



Various Led Zeppelin Books

english - really bad book
german - forget it :-)
english - not very good
german - bad book
finalacc.jpg - 20,41 K
lz_wr.jpg - 25,13 K
ftarchives.jpg - 22,26 K
I think I will never know what this books are exactly  about? Hmmmpf - if somebody knows please tell me :-) The best of the "Final Acclaim" with info about the bands last Tour in Europe 1980. "Breaking And Making Records" may also have some info you donīt know but compared to the "Concert File" they are not so usefull. Led Zeppelin "Das Buch" is in german and if you not so firm in english itīs easy reading but not usefull for the rest of the world.


Led Zeppelin Bioīs

german - no comment :-)

german - ISBN 3-85445-084-2-627-00087 - best Bio I know so far

2 german Bios about Led Zeppelin. As I donīt like Star Cult ( Iīm in it for the music NOT for the persons) I have always a strange relation to Bios as they often glorify things. Richard Coles Book is OK "the right with yellow cover" and the best Bio I know so far, sometimes really funny to read, if you want a Bio take this.

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