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January 15, 2004 - Metallica  dressed up like Led Zeppelin (from official Metallica Website) -> click / Jimmy Page & Safe Sex Ibiza Spain 1986 (from Led Zeppelin Outport) -> click

January 15, 2004 The greatest Release of the past was definetly the Earls Court Upgrade on DVD. Probably 2nd or 3rd gen from the master. It has outstanding picture and sound a pure joy to watch that show. This is from 24th and not from the 25th. Most on the official release is from the 25th. The 24th is better known because of its countless bootlegs and I think the better concert. At the close ups on Jimmy you can see the guitar strings - an absolutly MUST HAVE :-)
Early Visions and Latter Visions are much underated Releases from Celebration Label. These DVDs are very worthwhile because they contain some stuff in great quality you canīt find on the sets released on the better known DVDs from the Cosmic Energy Label. On Early Visions you get the complete Broadcast from the Huw Wheldon Show 1957 with the young Jimmy Page, Yardbirds with Jimmy 1967 (French TV-broadcast in acceptable quality), outstanding are 3 Tracks from the Texas Popfestival 1967. Latter Visions contains the Madison Square Garden Video from 1977 wich is very dark but better than my Videos. Both are 2 DVD-Sets. Also added:  2 unreleased new Shows on CD. Empress Valley released Sweet Brummy Roll wich contains 2 Shows, Birmingham UK Des. 16 1972 and Brighton Dec. 20 1972 and out of the underground was Tucson Arizona June 28th 1972.  To see whats new on my website click HERE.  

June 11. 2003 added the Viking Kittens and some Photos of Jimmy at a Japanese Bootleg-Shop from June 2003

June 7. 2003 OK itīs out since May 26 here in Germany an itīs awesome :-) HERE you can read some reviews about it from the well known Led Zeppelin Authors R.Godwin and  Luis Rey and I have some links to Interviews with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Very worthwhile stuff. For detailed Information about "How The West Was Won", "The Song remains The Same" & "BBC Sessions" please check THE GARDEN TAPES there you get detailed Information about each Track - A MUST READ ! :-)
June 7. 2003 I have updated the website with some new releases. Most outstanding is Seattle 1977 DVD from Watchtower wich is nearly Master-Quality some Soundboards:  1977 Landover, 1971 Orlando , Knebworth and some other new releases. A never before released  concert has seen the light Newcastle June 1969. To see whats new click HERE. I hope you have bought the new official DVD and CD releases they are OUTSTANDING :-)
March 2. 2003 First I want to thank all of you for your visits and constant support I get a lot of emails with positive feedback for my website - EYE THANK YOU :-)  The last time I had no updates because I found the woman of my dreams so I take a private break a bigger update is planned around eastern holiday. I want to thank my friend Frederic from France for sending me an article from french Rock & Folk Magazine. They had an article about Led Zeppelin on the internet and my website was reviewed very possitiv. Greatings to Karl I will do it! For full story  click here -> Rock & Folk page 1, Rock & Folk page2. The article is in french but maybe someone will send me an english translation *hint hint hint* :-)
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